The CW & Bing: “Put your name on it”

This is a Bing integration with “The Vampire Diaries”, following Kat Graham’s day as she prepares for a concert.

USA - NCIS: LA “It’s a letter”

This is a spot promoting NCIS: Los Angeles syndication on USA.

Cartoon Network Sizzle

This is a sizzle for Cartoon Network featuring Adventure Time and Regular Show.

Sundance Channel + L'Oréal - My Premiere “Filly Brown”

This 90 second spot follows Gina Rodriguez to the premiere of her movie “Filly Brown” at the Sundance Film Festival. I met Edward James Olmos when he past by my edit bay while I was cutting this spot during the festival at Sundance Channel HQ.

FOX “Farewell 24”

No one will ever “Jack” the english language the same way again.

FXM - Rent

I got to produce, write, and edit this bad boy. Never got the final graphics back from FXM though. Womp womp.

ABC - GH: “Laura Returns”